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Metalliferous Mines Safety Week

Mines Vocational Training Centre (MVTR – 1966) Malanjkhand Copper Project, Hindustan Copper Limited

Group Photo at malanjkhand Copper Mines

Group Photo at malanjkhand Copper Mines

Metalliferous Mines Safety Week Copper CallingDrop Raising in Mining (VCR) Method.  HINDUSTAN COPPER LIMITED

View the web links – Mines Safety .View the web link of a Copper Mining Engineer from India.  Indian Copper Complex Hindustan Copper Limited Officers Association Malanjkhand Friends at Khetri Copper Complex Khetri Copper Complex Concentrator Plant Malanjkhand Copper Project.JPG Layout Plan of Malanjkhand Copper Project.JPG Malanjkhand Copper Project Metalliferous Mines Safety Week Research & Development Project Mining Copper Mining Family from Malanjkhand Copper Project

Safety Rules Lekshminivas – Our home was an institution for learning.

Mining Companies I’ve worked forHindustan Zinc Limited,; Hindustan Copper LimitedBharat Gold Mines LimitedRajsthan State Mineral Development Corporation; Rajasthan State Industrial & Mineral Development Corporation; Khetri Copper ComplexMalanjkhand Copper Project; Kolihan Copper Mines; Mahi Graphite Project Rajasthan; Rajasthan Felspar Project Dungarpur, Rajasthan

Blasting in Mines to improve Fragmentation and Reduce Vibration in Mines – ‘Blasting in Mines – an Art or a Science?

Mechanized Mining Methods – Under Ground Mining and Open Cast Mining


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Hello world! Metalliferous Mines Safety Week Celebration. India

Bharat Gold Mines Limited KGF School of Mines KGFRajasthan State Mineral Development Corporation Hindustan Zinc Limited Kolar Gold Fields

Blasting in Mines to improve Fragmentation and Reduce Vibration in Mines – ‘Blasting in Mines – an Art or a Science?

Metalliferous Mines Safety Week (Nagpur Region) Safety Week Celebration at Malanjkhand Copper Projet


Copper Calling Drop Raising in Mining (VCR) Method

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